The Betchworth Barkery Prices

Please note that dogs’ coats vary enormously, therefore it is hard to give an exact price until I have seen your dog. Below is a guide to my costs, but during the consultation I will be able to advise on the exact price. Hopefully they will not differ too much from the prices below!

Should you own a poodle cross breed such as a Cockerpoo, Cavapoo or Labradoodle then please do read the de-matting paragraph below.


Although I do try my best to de-matt small areas to achieve a longer style there is, unfortunately, a limit to my talents and I have to put your dog’s welfare first. For this reason I will only de-matt if your pet is comfortable with it and I will stop as soon as they are not. During the consultation I will assess if de-matting is an option. However, in some cases the matts will be too far spread and too tight and will need to be clipped off. I will of course discuss this with you beforehand. Please note that a ‘clip out’ is sometimes the only option and in the best interest of your pet.

S – Maltese Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Dachshund, Chihuahua, Cavapoo, Bichon Frise
M – West Highland Terrier, Shitzu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Miniature Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel Cockerpoo
L – Full Groom Labradoodle, Springer Spaniel, Labrador, German Shepherd

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