The Betchworth Barkery Services

I offer three main services which are as follows

  • Your dog will be bathed, using high quality natural shampoos and conditioner if required.
  • Blow dry.
  • Styling – this will either involve clippers, hand stripping or removal of dead undercoat with appropriate grooming tools. This will be totally dependent on the type of hair your dog has.
  • Nail clipping.
  • Sanitary area trim.
  • Tidy up of face and paws and tail.
  • Ear cleansing and plucking (only if required).
  • Spritz of cologne.
Perfect for if you are happy with your dog’s current length of coat and it is in good condition with no mats, but you would like to tidy your pooch up!

  • Your dog will be bathed twice and conditioner used if required.
  • Your dog will receive a blow dry and brush out.
  • Nails will be clipped and pads checked.
  • Sanitary trim around the bottom and delicate areas.
  • Ears cleansed and plucked (only if required)
  • A spritz of cologne.
Handy if your dog is particularly in need of a bath and you’d rather not do it yourself.

  • Full wash.
  • Blow dry.
  • Nails checked and clipped if needed.

I also offer a Puppy Pit Stop service for pups under 6 months where you can leave your pup with me for an hour to get used to myself, the studio and noises that go with it. Then on the next visit I will carry out a gentle wash, blow dry and nail trim.

If you have a puppy whose coat is going to require regular maintenance over the years it is advisable to get them used to a positive grooming experience as early as possible.

This is particularly relevant if you have a dog with long hair (Yorkie, Maltese) or if you have a cross breed such as a Cockerpoo, Cavapoo, Cavachon, Labradoodle. A dog whose coat is regularly groomed will help to keep them in tip top condition, happy and healthy.

Prices for puppy grooms are from £20.

Please use the sliders below to see my before and after pictures

The benefits of having your dog groomed on a regular basis

Regular grooming keeps your dog’s coat clean and manageable
It reduces the risk of skin, eye, ear and nail infection.
A thick or long coat can be hiding cuts/dry skin/ticks/grass seeds etc. These are all looked out for during the bathing and drying process I will always inform you if I find anything that does not look right!
Brushing promotes good blood circulation and helps keep grease levels down.
Overgrown hair can lead to matting of the coat which can be painful, cause sores and skin complaints.
It is a very good way for your dog to get used to being handled around the face, feet and tail also making vet visits less stressful!

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